The Princeton 董事会 of Education acknowledges that systemic racism1 和偏见合乐手机客户端下载的区域内已经存在并将继续存在. We are committed to identifying and dismantling racism and all other systems that lead to disparate outcomes for our 学生, 确保公平对待和获得学术机会, 社会, 和情感, 还有课外机会. 学生, 所有背景的员工和家长, 文化, 能力, 身份认同必须受到欢迎, 安全, 受人尊敬的, 并被纳入合乐手机客户端下载的学校社区.

All of us have the responsibility to stand up and speak out against racism 和偏见, 无论何时何地,合乐手机客户端下载都能找到它, and the 董事会 of Education and the 负责人 will lead all district stakeholders3 实现反种族主义和公平的环境. The 董事会 will align resources and training for all stakeholders to support those who have been historically underserved and overlooked. The 董事会 expects that district administrators will measure and evaluate the effectiveness of all resources and programs to support system change in learning conditions that ensure “学生’ success and flourishing.”4

 The 合乐手机版app下载 is dedicated to being a district where fairness and 股本 prevail.


1.    “Systemic racism includes the policies and practices entrenched in established institutions, which result in the exclusion or promotion of designated groups. It differs from overt discrimination in that no individual intent is necessary (City of Toronto).“http://www.aclrc.com/forms-of-racism

2.     “Biases affect the way we think, our attitudes and how we interact with those around us. Biases are based on the sum of our 社会ization experiences. They operate at both the conscious and unconscious levels and in many cases are rooted in stereotypes and prejudices.” 偏见可以是隐性的、有意识的、无意识的和系统性的. Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development, 2011 Edition. 编辑:Sam Goldstein, Jack A. Naglieri.
3.    By “stakeholders” we mean 学生, staff, parents, and community members.
4.     “成功与繁荣”一词被用于 BELE网络.



The 任务 of 合乐手机版app下载 is to prepare all children to lead lives of joy and purpose as knowledgeable, 有创意的, 以及全球社会富有同情心的公民.

  • 合乐手机版app下载 is working on increasing racial literacy and 文化反应 among both our staff and our 学生.
  • Racial literacy can be defined in terms of understanding the experiences and perspectives of those whose 文化 and colors might be different than our own.
  • Racial literacy can be defined in terms of our awareness of our own biases.
  • Racial literacy can be defined in terms of our willingness and ability to honestly acknowledge racial issues as they arise and work to address them.

The racial literacy curriculum has a foundation in pedagogies 开发ed to advance 社会 justice, 文化反应, 和多元文化.

读了 股权审计报告 from 2018 which informed many changes and improvements between 2018 and 2022.





The PHS racial literacy course originated in the spring 2018 in part as a response to student advocacy.

  • 种族扫盲课程已成为一个关键环节, as the district works to provide curricular offerings for 学生 at all levels.
  • Teachers and staff districtwide receive racial literacy training, both in person and online.
  • Among the offerings are a professional 开发ment module called 股本 Model 1: Foundational Skills, 知识与性格.

合乐手机客户端下载高中 has expanded its racial literacy offerings to include PIRL—Princeton Introduction to Racial Literacy—an online racial literacy course based on the popular elective.


The middle school curriculum draws on the work of Gholdy Muhammad, 教师和识字合乐手机版app下载, whose pedagogy builds on the 教学宽容 standards to address what she calls “historically responsive literacy.Muhammad提供了她自己的四层学习框架: 

  • 身份的发展
  • 技能发展 including 开发ing proficiencies across the academic disciplines 
  • 智力的发展
  • 临界,包括 helping 学生 think in active as opposed to passive ways); 开发ing the ability to read texts (including print and 社会 contexts) to understand power and 股本. 

The district received a grant to engage in a three-phase racial literacy project for Pre-K to first grade. 该基金资助:

  • Specialized training for the library/media specialists to teach the four domains of racial justice through authentic books featuring diverse characters, 作者, 和设置.
  • New titles for our elementary school libraries and classroom. 
  • Dr的购买. Gholdy Muhammad的书, 培养天才 一个地区范围内的员工读书俱乐部.
  • The cost of Library Media curriculum revision to include a racial literacy lens. 
  • The updating of library and humanities curriculum based on the 社会公正标准, a road map for anti-bias education at every stage of K-12 instruction.

Training begins with elementary-level library media specialists and is continuing with all those who teach the curriculum from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.  


合乐手机客户端下载的目标是吸引, 开发, 激励, and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive environment, 培养对合乐手机客户端下载愿景的自豪感, 任务, 以及所有员工的价值观.

与Sage Wellness Group和Dr. 塔拉Doaty

合乐手机版app下载’ partnership with Sage Wellness Group has spanned nearly ten years. During this time, Sage Wellness Group, under the leadership of Dr. 塔拉Doaty, has provided numerous professional 开发ment trainings to PPS staff on topics including 社会-emotional learning, 种族权益, 恢复性司法, 以及创伤知情护理.

Dr. Doaty has also served as the Keynote Speaker welcoming PPS staff back to school and outlined tools to support the 区’s commitment to anti-bias, 股本, 并为所有员工提供安全的学习空间, 学生, 和家庭.