Please join us in celebrating our schools and to learn about what is on the horizon for the district during our 2月27日,星期一,下午6点到8点, 合乐手机客户端下载高中表演艺术中心(PAC).

The event will feature a district expo to highlight our schools and programs and to showcase our students in action via performances and tours. 儿童和家庭健康专家Dr. 塔拉Doaty. 为了使这次活动达到高潮,我将分享合乐手机客户端下载对地区的愿景. 

We’re excited to share where we’ve been and where we’re going in the future to continue PPS’ excellence and legacy. 本次活动是面向公众的,合乐手机客户端下载期待着您的光临!



几周后,合乐手机客户端下载将公布合乐手机客户端下载的战略计划,即未来五年的路线图. 在这个过程接近尾声的时候,下面是一些关于这个过程的想法: 

  • It helped to pave the road for clear goals and objectives and refine our formula for continued success for 所有 students.
  • 地区和社区的反馈是开展这项工作的起点. Regardless of strategic partners, our process was our own – unique to PPS and our culture. 
  • We kept students first as we always have done and used past lessons to create a new focus. 
  • 合乐手机客户端下载的领导团队和董事会都很诚实, 透明的对话是必要的, 最终, 合乐手机客户端下载同意这个计划的框架和目标. 
  • We used the following guiding principles: Understanding that each student has their own gifts, 人才及需求, 怎样才能确保他们以自己的方式得到支持呢?
  • How can we solve issues that we see system-wide or prevalent among specific student groups?
  • 支持学生, we must also support our educators and admin staff and empower them to do their best work. 
  • 合乐手机客户端下载如何才能继续前进,同时保持合乐手机客户端下载丰富的优秀遗产?
  • When we consider these variables, the result is a solid and fair plan that we 所有 have a stake in. We look forward to continued partnership throughout the district and the Municipality of Princeton to connect the dots. 
  • Successes like ISME accreditation and expansion of Pre-K are proof that we’re already on the right track. 合乐手机客户端下载很高兴向你们展示合乐手机客户端下载将如何保持这一势头. 





后排: 瓦莱丽•乌尔里希, Supervisor of 学前教育 and Special Projects; Krista Galyon, Director of 技术 and Innovation; Dr. 金伯利·图,课程主管助理 & Instruction; Matt Bouldin, 业务 Administrator; 苏珊McGreevy, 总监行政助理.

前排: Micki Crisafulli, Director of Special Services; Dr. 卡罗尔·凯利, 学校监督; Rebecca Gold, Interim Assistant 负责人 for 人力资源; Dana Karas, 学校咨询服务主任.




合乐手机客户端下载即将进入一个新的发展阶段,这促使我把今年的主题定为 治愈,帮助和希望. 合乐手机客户端下载相互依靠才能走得更远,合乐手机客户端下载一直在这样做. From our students creating inspirational notes on their school bulletin boards to encourage their learning communities, 教育工作者通力合作,培育创新的教学策略, 甚至合乐手机客户端下载还收养了一只情感支持犬(嗨, 老虎!),协助小学师生减压, 合乐手机版app下载 is helping our fellow Princetonians heal after an unprecedented three years. 

合乐手机客户端下载的相互联系是理所当然的, 在某种程度上, to our leadership through the 董事会 of Education which works collaboratively to support 所有 our students and what makes them unique. More than tolerance is acceptance and nurturing differences and experiences to ensure students feel a sense of belonging to thrive. 每个学生都应该有被关注和成功的机会. 

The strategic planning process has been enlightening as we determine our guiding principles and soon, equity-centered strategies to address our district’s vision and stakeholders’ concerns from staff, 家庭和学生. 

I continue to share our primary over所有 goal which is to always add to opportunities and pathways for students to be fulfilled and advance, 如果他们愿意, 尤其是在存在障碍的情况下, 但绝不能消除它们. 合乐手机客户端下载一直是一个 所有 能够茁壮成长,这将继续,因为合乐手机客户端下载提升每个人的需要. 

合乐手机客户端下载很高兴在年底前分享最终的战略计划, 但合乐手机客户端下载会谨慎地花必要的时间来确保所有的反馈都得到考虑. Our children are depending on us for meaningful results, and that remains the center of our work.


Dr. 卡罗尔·凯利


A key component of our strategic planning process has included articulating a Profile of a PPS Graduate. 作为教育工作者,合乐手机客户端下载知道每个学生都是不同的,有自己独特的天赋, 然而, identifying key outcomes for our graduates can help us make major district-level decisions: curriculum and supporting programs and services. 请查看 这里是缩放视频 看看董事会会议,合乐手机客户端下载通过毕业生简介的建议.

On 10月17日星期一下午6点,邀请社区通过Zoom加入合乐手机客户端下载的开放战略规划会议. 缩放链接,请点击这里.




合乐手机客户端下载非常高兴地欢迎您回到2022-23学年! I hope you have been able to enjoy your summer and that it has been filled with opportunities to relax, 充电, 享受和家人朋友在一起的时光.

With gratitude, I want to share my appreciation for your collaboration and support last year.  感谢缴费灵员工的尽心尽力和您的支持, 我很自豪地强调合乐手机客户端下载取得的一些成就: 

  • 尽管在全球大流行期间学校教育面临挑战,  we were grateful to have been able to keep students in-person throughout the 2021-2022 school year. 合乐手机客户端下载所有的员工都来帮忙提供交通, 做午餐, 并涵盖课程. 没有合乐手机客户端下载团队的每一位成员,这一切都是不可能的. 

  • We refined our internal processes to enable our school leadership teams  to  provide more robust academic support services to our students. 

  • 合乐手机客户端下载增加了对学生的社会情感支持, including a month  of Mental Health Awareness activities planned by our middle school counselors, 通过在小灵通推出角落之家和合乐手机客户端下载家庭研究所资源, and by piloting Second Step social-emotional learning  curriculum at several of our elementary schools.

合乐手机客户端下载展望这个学年时,合乐手机客户端下载将专注于帮助、治愈和希望.  These three words will serve as the cornerstones for the work we do on behalf of our students, 家庭, 彼此之间. 帮助, 疗愈, 并且希望也指导地区的SY23行动计划草案, which was developed to focus on the following student learning targets and district-level priorities:



More communications are forthcoming about health and safety protocols and back-to-school celebrations. 

虽然合乐手机客户端下载面前的工作是复杂和具有挑战性的, 我邀请你来庆祝合乐手机客户端下载, 在一起, 已经完成了. 提前, thank you for entrusting us with your children’s education as we work according to our district motto, 为学习而活着,为生活而学习.  I hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer, and I look forward to seeing you on September 6!


Dr. 卡罗尔·L. 凯利



夏天过得太快了. 我期待着在8月下旬在这个空间里分享新学年的计划. 合乐手机客户端下载正在为帮助、治愈和希望的一年做准备.


Our administrative teams and many of our teachers have been busy this summer working on curriculum and have had the chance to participate in a wide variety of professional development opportunities. We have strengthened our intervention and referral services and have expanded our multi-tiered system of support, 确保每一个学生都能获得成功所需的支持. 除了, 合乐手机客户端下载提供专业的发展和集约, ongoing training for our case managers who work with students who have Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs).

合乐手机客户端下载的学校是合乐手机客户端下载充满活力和广泛的暑期项目的家园.  数百名学生和数十名老师, 支持人员, 公共汽车司机和行政人员开设了暑期补习班, 转换程序, accelerated learning and interdisciplinary experiences addressing the summer learning needs of 所有 of our students.  合乐手机客户端下载欢迎默瑟县教育专家. 罗萨里奥Casiano, 为了表彰合乐手机客户端下载的暑期教学计划,谁专门来PPS参观了.  

合乐手机客户端下载还利用夏季的几个月来改善合乐手机客户端下载的设施. A new wing of classrooms and collaborative spaces will open at 合乐手机客户端下载高中 in the f所有 and both Littlebrook and Community Park will have new roofing when school opens in September.

合乐手机客户端下载很高兴欢迎学生们9月6日回到合乐手机客户端下载的学校. 请好好享受暑假的最后几周.


照片供博士. 凯利将于8月获得荣誉

8月,合乐手机版app下载获得了“联合努力安全街道2022”的荣誉. Dr. 卡罗尔·凯利, center and Dafna Kendal, President of the 董事会 of Education, accepted awards for PPS. 莉顿·纽林(右)被授予终身成就奖.

博士照片. 凯利



博士照片. 凯利和罗萨里奥·卡西亚诺

Dr. 凯利(左)欢迎米歇尔. 罗萨里奥Casiano, Mercer County Educational Specialist, during a visit to 河边的学校.



博士照片. 凯利和管理员


博士照片. 卡罗尔·凯利




Dr. 卡罗尔·凯利